Financing studies

Financing University studies in the USA

The United States has thousands of universities and their prices range from relatively cheap to very expensive. We have done extensive research charting various universities trying to find the ones most suitable for foreign students academically and also financially. On our pages we have created profiles for the universities and listed their prices as well as the amounts of scholarship funding they may provide.

For example, in Finland the government provides student aid for university students that also is available for students who study abroad. This aid totals 10,600 euros per academic year. American universities also are generous in providing scholarships, both academic and athletic. For example, at Averett University a student with a grade point average over 7 (on a scale from 4 to 10) gets a scholarship of 15,000 dollars per academic year (the price for one year is 29,150 US dollars). If you also work during your three-month summer holiday and get some help from your parents, you should be fully covered.

Financial aid for studies abroad

Find out about your country's financial aid for studies abroad. For example, Finnish students get a larger amount of financial aid when they study abroad than when they study in Finland.

Student aid in Finland:

Student aid in Sweden:

Student aid in Norway:

Studies in Spain

Spain attracts students not only because of the warm weather and high academic level, but also because of the affordability. Tuition and fees are lower than in the USA and often rent, food and other costs of living are cheaper than in Nordic countries.

If you hear the call of flamengo and carnevals, read more about the specific university's tuition fees in our university profile section.

Student's own earnings

Many students who study abroad spend their three-month summer holiday in their home country working and saving money. If you live with your parents and keep your expenses down, you can save a nice amount for you to enjoy during your academic year abroad.

In the USA the universities also often offer small work tasks at the campus for students to earn some pocket money. Often the office of international students as well as athletic coaches help students in getting these tasks. Examples of such tasks include working at the gym, the library or a sports event.

Anton tells how he financed his studies

How did you finance your studies?

- I got a scholarship that covered half of the normal tuition and fees. Study aid and student loans from the Finnish government accounted for 9,600 euros. I received another 730 euros per year as an additional scholarship due to my academic excellence. In addition, my university’s alumni scholarship of 250 euros per year was awarded to me. I also worked during summer holidays for three months and during a five-week Christmas holiday in Finland as a personal trainer. Since I was living at my parents my expenses were small and I was able to save part of my salary, maybe about 5,000-6,000 euros per year. In addition, I worked in the university at the sports center. I also helped arranging various sports events earning around 1,000 euros per academic year.

How much money did you spend in the US for housing and everyday life?

- Compared to Finland, the cost of living in the US is quite a lot more affordable. Living with four friends helped me to save on living expenses. The rent was approximately 250 dollars/month. It included room, electricity, water, heat and internet. Our house was located within walking distance from the school, hence no money was needed for a car or bus tickets. I cooked meals, yet I still was able to afford to eat twice a week at the restaurant. I also could afford to celebrate occasionally as well. In the US the food is cheaper. I spent about 200-300 dollars on groceries per month.

So you flew twice a year to Finland. Did you have any money for other trips?

- I was able to travel in the US since the flights are quite cheap. Every year we would go on a week-long Spring Break trip somewhere. The locations were Miami, Los Angeles and Virginia Beach. In addition, I also travelled to Wisconsin.