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URA - The link between students and universities

Our mission

There are thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, a number of unfamiliar application requirements, and confusion surrounding standardized tests, visas and more that might confuse prospective foreign students. Our goal is making the admissions process as clear and as painless as possible. From helping students discover which schools are the best fit for their needs to preparing them for what to expect before they depart, URA is there along every step of the way..

Gifted Students

The secondary education system in Nordic countries often is seen as being among the best in the world. High school graduates are highly talented and motivated and they are increasingly interested in pursuing their undergraduate degrees abroad. Students with outstanding academic performance seek an international atmosphere in which they can study and interact with others in English. And because home universities do not have athletics, many gifted athletes look toward the US to be able to compete at the highest level while also receiving an education.

University partners

Our focus is on building relationships with schools that can provide the best environment for our students and we’re continually working to extend this network. If you are interested in contacting us, please fill out the form below or write an email to Anton Matinlauri: anton (at)

Who we are

University Recruiting Agency was started in 2013, and it was named College Recruiting Finland. The company was founded by Anton Matinlauri, Timi Heikkonen and Jonne Nurminen. Each of the founders studied in the US either during high school or college and gained invaluable experience while abroad; upon returning to Finland, they wanted to help other students have a similar experience. By working alongside university administrators and athletic coaches, URA hopes to encourage more students to take advantages of the educational opportunities that exist outside one's home country.