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Johnson and Wales University, Rhode Island + Florida + Colorado + North Carolina


Johnson and Wales University has campuses in four different states. The biggest campus is located in Rhode Island and others are in Florida, Colorado and NorthCarolina. Together they include more than 16,000 students from more than 90 different countries. The campuses offer more than 90 subjects and, for example, the culinary arts program is one of the best in the the USA.

JWU provides students a tremendous opportunity to experience university life in the USA. The professors are world class in their fields and the education is very focused on providing hands-on experience. Students also have the opportunity to gain practical experience in real life business, culinary arts, hospitality and technology environments. The university offers plenty of events in which students can participate. The school also has its own laboratory, where culinary students can develop and taste different drinks and foods. It’s worth mentioning there are also more than 1,700 internship opportunities offered for students in 49 different states. These allow many students to receive valuable work experience during or after their studies.

Outside the classroom, students have plenty of options to enjoy their student life. Plenty of activities and sport opportunities are available, with some changes depending on the campus and location.

• Locations: Providence, RI / North Miami, FL / Denver, CO / Charlotte, NC
• Students: about 16,000 total
• Student-teacher ratio: differs with each campus
• University’s websites: https://www.jwu.edu
• Providence, Rhode Island: http://www.jwu.edu/providence/
• North Miami, FL: http://www.jwu.edu/northmiami
• Denver, Colorado: http://www.jwu.edu/denver
• Charlotte, North-Carolina: http://www.jwu.edu/charlotte/