New York Film Academy – New York + California + Florida


Honored to be the film and acting school of many Hollywood filmmakers’ families, including Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Robert Downey Jr., NYFA is the largest independent filmmaking and acting school in the USA. Hundreds of students of all backgrounds experience the hands-on education offered at the New York Film Academy in a very international atmosphere, with more than 50% of its student body representing more than 80 countries worldwide. This diversity creates unparalleled opportunities for creativity.

Based upon their study interests, students have the opportunity to decide between three campuses: New York City (only workshops), Los Angeles and South Beach, Florida. Also note the NYFA-Los Angeles location shoots on the back lot at Universal Studios.

In addition to the opportunity for a lot of hands-on experience at NYFA, students can participate in events such as guest speakers and screenings that are regularly offered. At NYFA, you have the opportunity to experience filmmaking and acting ranging from workshops lasting only a few weeks to full degrees.

• Locations: New York, California ja Florida
• Academy’s website: www.nyfa.edu
• Students: 2000
• Student-teacher ratio: maximum 16:1