Santa Barbara City College, California

City College

Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), founded in 1909, was voted the best community college in USA during the 2013 academic year, which is not a surprise. Located in one of California’s most beautiful areas, Santa Barbara, it offers students an immediate access to enormous beaches with sunny weather throughout most of the year. In addition, it provides students an affordable option to study in California without sacrificing from the level of education. Offered are over 80 degree options to make sure that most students can find a field of their interest!

As a community college, SBCC offers students the option to complete an associate degree, which equals for the first two years of university education. After two years, students have the opportunity to continue the last two years of their bachelor’s degree in a four year university elsewhere. There are plenty of options to continue, including URA’s partner universities or SBCC’s own partnership schools, including University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), San Francisco State University, and University of California San Diego.

International atmosphere, active school clubs/organizations, theatre and sport events make sure that you will have much to enjoy during your studies at SBCC

• Location: Santa Barbara, California
• University’s website:
• Students: over 20 000
• Student-teacher ratio: 28:1