UCAM Murcia, Spain


UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio is a private university located in Murcia on the southeast coast of Spain. This respected university offers a diverse range of degrees both in Spanish and English. Murcia is known as a clean and pleasant student city, where living expences are low. For example, a shared apartment in the heart of the city costs only 120 – 250 euros per student.

The university offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. In addition, you can do a so-called Freemover study abroad semester at UCAM or study languages. The majority of degrees that are taught in English are master’s programs and some of them are offered under the name LaLiga-UCAM.


The university’s teaching methods are based on the following principles:

“Person to Person, Face to Face”   Professors are close with their students. Every student has a personal tutor and class sizes are comfortably small. Many academic programs and degrees are offered with “European Higher Education Area” status.

“Learning in Action”   UCAM is devoted to helping students develop practical skills. The university’s first-class facilities, such as laboratories and studios, give students an opportunity to put their recently acquired knowledge to practical use. Students also can complete an internship, either in a private or public institution, where they can experience what it’s like to work in one’s own field. UCAM also offers research opportunities for students by collaborating with companies such as Danone, Vodafone and Siemens.

“More than Knowledge – Values”   The university is built on a pillar of teaching good values. Students will not only grow into skilled professionals, but they also will grow to become highly ethical and confident. UCAM offers opportunities through voluntary work, symposiums, seminars and research projects.

“Open and Global”   UCAM is a very international institution where students can gain valuable international perspective. This is visible through the number and quality of partnership programs. The university has exchange programs with other universities, such as UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Universita di Bologna, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and PUC – Rio Grande do Sul. Also UCAM’s centers in Cuba, Jakarta, Singapore and Brussels provide different opportunities for global studies.

“Murcia’s Lifestyle, Your Lifestyle”   UCAM’s Los Jeronimos campus is located in Murcia, the capital of Spain’s southeastern region. The area is a perfect combination of Mediterranean climate and nature, such as the beaches of Costa Cálida, mountains and fruit gardens. In Murcia you can sense the robust Spanish heritage in such things as the Flamenco art style, tapas and various celebrations. Natives are very friendly and social with a strong sense of humour.

“The Elite of Sports”   UCAM is one of Europe’s leading sport universities. Athletics are part of the university’s DNA and the school has been Spain’s university level champion for three consecutive years. Every year many top athletes, all the way up to Olympic champions, study here. All the students can take advantage of the university’s top-notch sport center and gym.


• Location: Murcia, Spain
• University’s website: http://international.ucam.edu
• Students: about 15,500, including 10% foreign students
• Applying: If you are interested in studying at UCAM, contact us by filling the form below. We advise you to contact us early to make sure everything goes smoothly. We help you with all the questions and deliver your papers to our contact person in the university for special handling.